Great review of Across the River on Battle Royale With Cheese

Great review by @lastcaress1972 of Across the River on Battle Royale With Cheese: …

“a charming and intimate micro-slice of life”

”the principals are relatable and sweet”

”however well-meant we may have been, we’ve all flubbed the end of a relationship. We wanted to ride off into the sunset and instead we fell off the back of the horse and into the horseshit. Across the River gives us that second go at “Good-bye” we’d all like to have taken, at least once.”
Posted on June 16, 2017 .

Critical Movie Critics Interview with Elizabeth Healey

Elizabeth Healey Sketch

"Because the film was to be totally improvised the rehearsal was a bit different from any other film I’ve been involved in. Warren, Keir and I talked through together in detail what the storyline was and what was happening at any point in the timeline of the film. We then walked the route, through London that we would be taking during filming, so we had a good idea of where we would be. It also allowed us to include any ideas into the film that came to mind as we explored the route."

Posted on March 30, 2017 .

Critical Movie Critics Review of Across The River 

"low on plot but full of life, and radically different than most movies you will see this year.’s an interesting film that’s often emotionally resonant. intimate movie that works on the audience slowly, revealing the emotional life of the two characters in gestures, reactions, and awkward pauses.

Healey and Charles share the screen, often in intense close-up, for the movie’s total 75 mins running time, and it’s their believable and understated chemistry — familiar and awkward at once — that is the film’s real success.

...moving, charming, and often funny, and even sometimes riveting in its simplicity and honesty."

Posted on March 22, 2017 .

Interview with Warren about Across the River in Film Debate

"It was conceived to be an improvised project so it [improvisation] was expected rather than allowed! I know it’s just about possible with “the magic of cinema” (editing basically) to recreate the freshness and truth of those singular moments created by actors riffing; but those moments are so precious and wonderful that greedily, I wanted as many of them as I could get."

Posted on March 12, 2017 .